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Nividous RPA

Nividous RPA is a robust business process management solution that has the capability to re-engineer core business processes by automating high-volume, repetitive, manual functions with cognitive bots. The Nividous RPA Bots are quick to configure, make zero mistakes, and work seamlessly with any existing interface, delivering speed and flexibility to a wide range of existing processes.

Innospire Archarina Client Portal

Archarina Client Portal is accounting and professional services automation software designed to help accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers to reduce time and effort in receiving and gathering client documents. The platform helps users get clients W-2s, credit card statements and invoices when needed, which can increase margins between 2% to 5%, and provides both users and clients with a convenient way to access documents, transfer data and convey information.

Work 365

Work 365 is a Customer Experience Platform built for Microsoft CSP Partners, and enables companies to scale and grow their cloud business. The platform is built on Dynamics 365, helps companies to deliver exceptional customer service, increase profit margins, and streamline accounting and sales, and provides users with self service tools including self service portals, billing histories, service provision and management, and order histories.

Tigerpaw One

Tigerpaw One is business intelligence software that combines the best features of CRM, PSA, and BPM software into one system that streamlines how users deliver IT and technology services. The platform helps businesses keep track of project assets and share important documents between stakeholders, as well as helps users keep track of time on projects, manage inventory levels, and create and send project proposals.


Hybrid.Chat is a human + chatbot hybrid platform that proactively engages with customers 24/7 directly from the user’s SLACK, MATTERMOST or any other messaging platform so that the user’s company is ‘always available’ and customer friendly. The platform allows human agents to take over chat conversations anytime using the messenger, build engaging chat bots using simple spreadsheets to automate conversations, and build human-like chat bots that are always manning the chat and never lose a lead.


Qaravan is PSA analytics software designed to help community banks efficiently and effectively benchmark their risk and performance profiles. The platform
provides users with an intuitive interface that can be configured to remember the user’s preferences, enables users to conduct more relevant peer analysis using the software’s Custom Peer Group engine, and allows users to pull together any combination of information, including banks, metrics, and reporting periods, based on the user’s specific requirements or interests.


Amidship is [software type] software that enables users to create professional websites complete with online booking systems, provides the user’s clients with 24/7 access to services online, and allows users to create and manage appointments from any device. The platform allows users to set up recurring appointments for repeat clients, is equipped with tools for managing team members and schedules, and tracks payments, discounts and tips within the system.


eDocGen is document auto-generation software that converts existing documents into templates and populates with Excel, XML and JSON web form data in order to generate documents individually or at batches. The platform also allows users to fill auto-generated, fillable forms containing the template’s dynamic fields in order to create documents.


TourTrax is business process management software that provides users with a comprehensive system designed to replace paperwork, provide proof-of-presence, improve compliance, and increase staff efficiency and productivity. The platform enables users to manage equipment maintenance and inventory, is equipped with tools that enable users to design and create custom digital forms and checklists, and allows users to include photographs, GPS location stamps and authorization stamps.

Netcore Solutions Netcore Smartech

Netcore Smartech is professional services automation and marketing automation software that provides users with personalized marketing campaign creation and execution tools as well as unified customer views. The platform enables users to base marketing campaigns on up-to-date, actionable and accurate data, and implement viable marketing campaigns across popular, widely-used channels including email, mobile, voice, and push notifications.