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Fresh Milk Software Flobot

Flobot is field service management software designed to manage leads, estimates, quotations, scheduling, invoicing, payments and asset tracking. The platform facilitates invoice payments through an installable payment gateway, enables service agents to communicate with customers through text message, and is equipped with CRM functionalities built to manage customer interaction details and contact information.

Promys Enterprise PSA

Promys Enterprise PSA is PSA software that provides users with multiple tool sets including help desk, project management, time and billing, CRM and quoting, and service contract management. The platform provides visibility into the full delivery lifecycle for all project-specific products within a single screen, and enables users to see when products have been ordered, back ordered, shipped and invoiced.

Advantage 360 OSS360

OSS360 is a professional services automation software solution that is designed for telecom companies. As customer leads start to come in contact with a company, the program can maintain all appointments, update profiles in a CRM database and send out quotes.

Implementing Professional Services Automation: Where to Start?

With careful planning and the right support from your vendor, implementing professional services automation software can be simple and beneficial. Follow these tips for a hassle-free implementation.

Why You Fail as an Independent Contractor Without PSA Software

You fail at being an independent contractor most of the time. When you can be focused on your work, you instead track time you spend on projects, document client information, manage project to-dos, send invoices and calculate finances. Lucky for you, the tech world invented professional services automation (PSA software).

Datalogic Solutions HarmonyPSA

HarmonyPSA is end-to-end professional services automation software designed to be device independent and to adjust to any device used, supports multiple currencies and cross-currency transactions, and is VAT and US sales tax compliant. The platform is equipped with service desk automation capabilities, as well as allows users to develop user- or company-specific workflows, routing rules, and email threading.

FinancialForce Professional Services Automation

FinancialForce Professional Services Automation is a PSA software solution that works inside Salesforce to assist users with a variety of operations. Users can work with a number of tools to pull up information at an enterprise level, analyze business data and allocate resources to projects.

Behind the Software Q&A with Unanet Technologies’ VP of Marketing

The surplus of project management software that overlooks financial planning has made it increasingly difficult for managers to effectively plan and track everyday business activities. That’s where Unanet Technologies comes in, offering a range of project accounting and management solutions. We spoke to Richard Hayden, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, about how the company has carved out a space for itself in the marketplace.

Unanet PSA

Unanet PSA is a professional services automation software solution with an integrated set of capabilities designed to improve performance while managing projects and people. The solution’s modules include resource management, project management, project accounting, invoicing, timesheet management, expense management and collaboration.

Visma Severa

Visma Severa is professional services automation (PSA) software that offers a variety of functionalities including CRM and sales management, project and task management, resource management, time tracking, travel and expense management, automated invoicing tools and real-time reporting capabilities. The platform is equipped to generate reports on the user’s sales pipeline and sales forecasts, current projects and profitability, resource utilization, and invoice forecasts, automates the invoicing processes for fixed fees, hours and expenses, and enables users to manage all project pricing.