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Indition Sales Team CRM

Indition Sales Team CRM is a CRM tool that enables users to find, nurture and engage with clients by following business opportunities through the sales cycle, from lead development all the way through to account management. The platform allows users to import existing contacts into the system, is equipped with task management tools for creating, managing and assigning tasks to team members, and supports social integration.

Whisqr Loyalty

Whisqr Loyalty is a customer loyalty software solution that provides businesses with the tools to develop and maintain special relationships with their customers. The platform offers a customized customer mobile experience, business-branded online registration functionality, on-location display materials, and email announcement and notification capabilities.


Chaport is a live chat tool that provides companies with a modern messenger designed to make communication with customers easy and enjoyable, and has applications for all platforms including iOS, Android, Web, Windows and Mac. The platform is equipped with auto-invitation capabilities that help engage visitors in the communication process and typing insights in order to allow support specialists to provide clients with fast answers.

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Social Intents Live Chat for Slack

Live Chat for Slack is collaboration and customer service software that enables users to chat with website visitors right from Slack or the web dashboard. The platform enables users to offer customer service, on-boarding, and sales support right from Slack without the need for another messaging tool.

Funnel CRM

Funnel is a CRM and sales software solution designed to support anyone who receives work inquiries through their website by providing companies with a simple form builder, form submission management and tracking tools, and enables users to create and send well-formatted proposals in multiple currencies. The platform builds and maintains contact databases, allows users to communicate through their chosen email client or smart phone, and integrates with the user’s Gmail and Google Apps account.


OnSched is an automated online booking platform that provides companies with an efficient way to convert visitors into leads, as well as a new model of advertising called Pay Per Appointment (PPA), which creates more valuable leads than Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-Lead advertising. The platform enables users to build white-labeled workflows and processes based on their business needs, as well as integrates third-party CRM systems such as Salesforce or HubSpot.

Frontline Selling Staccato Social

Staccato Social is social engagement software that provides sales teams with a scalable brand advocacy program by supplying sales reps with company-approved content and the ability to share content across social networks as well as directly to prospects via email. The platform helps sales reps to create and maintain a professional presence on social channels, identify thought leaders and high-value content, and helps to create more quality leads through consistent social activity and company-owned and approved content.

Mobisy Technologies Bizom

Bizom is a mobile-first, SaaS-based sales force automation solution that helps companies increase sales, increase channel performance, increase manpower and efficiency, and decrease sale returns. The platform leverages automation and data to help consumer brands optimize downstream supply and increase sales, and provides companies with multiple modules including sales force automation (SFA), distributor management system (DMS), and retail execution and management.


Samespace is a call center and sales software solution that provides users with an interaction platform to make, manage and monitor conversations over voice and chat. The platform is a simple and scalable communication platform for customer-facing teams like sales, support and contact centers, and enables companies to seamlessly engage with customers using voice or chat, monitor conversations as they happen and manage teams at scale.