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Dot Com Infoway Edukool

EduKool is a complete educational ERP and LMS software solution that provides organizations with a 360 degree view, enabling users to control the entire administration from a single dashboard. The platform allows users to create time tables and assign teachers to classes, communicate with parents, teachers and students both manually and automatically through multiple channels, and is equipped with a drag-and-drop assessment and exam scheduling tool.


Gradelink is school management software that automates day-to-day processes, facilitates communication between schools and families, and can be customized to meet school- and user-specific needs. The platform requires no data uploading or synchronization since it’s cloud-based. Online application and enrollment portals are monitored by Gradelink and notify users when the status has changed.

Lean Forward Hypersay

Hypersay is collaboration and presentation software available as a free platform for creating interactive presentations that massively increase engagement. The platform helps users keep their audience engaged with polls, questions, private notes and live slide sharing, stores, enriches and delivers presentations from the user’s cloud, and supports anonymity by allowing unregistered participants to join.

Engage2Serve e2s Retain

e2s Retain is a CRM system that enables university staff to proactively support students, provides a 360 degree view of student information and statuses, and identifies any at-risk students in order to provide the support and assistance they need. The platform makes intervention tools available through everyday devices, as well as provides students with a mobile app for self-reporting, self-scheduling appointments, persona targeted information and career services.

EduXpert School Management System

EduXpert School Management System is school management software that provides users with a feature-rich school ERP software solution designed to automate every day school management tasks. The platform is user friendly and easy-to-use with basic computer knowledge, offers 24/7 support for system maintenance including support that continues after sales, and is an encrypted server that ensures all school data is secure and safe.


MIDAS is facility management software that provides users with complete control over room booking and resource scheduling and is accessed entirely through web browser. The platform allows users to view and manage all scheduled bookings, staffing requirements and equipment resource allocation.

– Unplag

Unplag is content management software that assists school organizations and individuals with checking for plagiarism against both the internet and any user-created library. The platform is designed to check up to five documents simultaneously, complete the document check process without a logged-in user and can apply a ‘duplication mask’ without altering the initial file format.

Anubavam Creatrix Campus

Creatrix Campus is a cloud-based education management and automation solution designed for many different types of educational institutions. An easy-to-use education management system, the platform includes a variety of features that support the unique needs of management, teachers, students, staff and parents.

How Mobile Device Technology Is Changing the Way We Educate

Mobile device technology is changing every aspect of the way society interacts. With mobile devices stealing the attention of adults and children alike, there is no reason for teachers to not utilize the technology as an educational platform. Here we take a look at a few of the companies that are changing education.


MemberHub is school and organization management software designed to centralize all member data within a singular system, and provides users with iPhone and Android applications that enable teachers and parents to communicate from any location. The platform is designed to provide all the necessary member management and communication tools within a single system, and provides remote access to school directories, payments, photos, sign-ups and files via smart phone app.