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UberMedia Mobile Advertising

UberMedia Mobile Advertising is advertising software that analyzes mobile behavior through multidimensional audience targeting, geo-location, geo-space, and real-time ad optimization tools. The platform allows users to choose targeted audiences or choose from personas derived from first-party data sets, can be based on aspects including interested and intent cues, application usage and real-world location data, and provides users with campaign performance data.

Facebook Rolls out Newsfeed Video Ads

There’s been a lot of chatter about the anticipated launch of video ads within the Newsfeed on Facebook (versus the video ads that were previously offered only as a premium Homepage placement) and it’s now official, according to a recent Facebook blog post.

Facebook Advertising Influence on Paid Search Success

As Facebook advertising has experienced incredible growth, many marketers have wondered – what’s the value of advertising on this site? This blog post from Levelwing’s Tori Theiss looks at how investing in advertising on Facebook can influence the effectiveness of your paid search ad campaigns.

– Brand Networks Optimal

Brand Networks Optimal works with your Facebook account to assist you with your social media advertising operations.

Trends in Social Ads Give Control to the Consumer

If you’ve been keeping up with social news lately, you’ve likely seen that many of the larger social platforms are making changes to their advertising offerings – some offering social ads for the first time and others changing how their ads appear. One thing that all of these changes have in common is that they all grant some extent of control to the audience.

Adknowledge Asia AdParlor for Brands

AdParlor for Brands is data-driven social advertising software that offers multiple plans and services including media management, content creation and social, display and video campaign audits. The platform is designed to automatically trigger ads based on multiple events such as weather, sports and news alerts in real-time, identifies in-market consumers, and can attribute any offline purchase to online advertising.

140 Proof

140 Proof is social advertising software that works across all social media channels to maintain a user’s ads. The platform is anchored by its Blended Interest Graph, a functionality that takes social media user data and calculates brand affinity for each of a user’s followers.

– Unified Social Advertising

Unified Social Advertising is a complete social media advertising software solution that works throughout the entire campaign cycle. You start using the program by creating campaign plans and budgets.