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SutiSoft Spend Management

SutiSoft Spend Management is financial management software that has integrated auditing capabilities. The platform allows users to attach company documentation, follow out-of-spend policy compliance and gain insights into spending patterns.


Precoro is spend management software that focuses on bringing transparency throughout the entire procure-to-pay cycle. The platform is equipped with budget management tools and functionalities, real-time tracking tools and paperless approval processes.

SAP Ariba Spend Management

SAP Ariba Spend Management is a spend management software solution that reduces supplier-related costs through collaboration and communication. The program starts out by analyzing all purchasing data and putting it through a number of BI tools and models.

FinancialForce Spend Management

FinancialForce Spend Management is a spend management software solution that works inside Salesforce to install financial controls within a company. Users can start off by setting spend policies for all procurement staff. In the event that a user needs to submit a purchase order that goes above a certain policy, the program can send out a purchasing request to management staff.

m-hance m-hancements Purchase Management

m-hancements Purchase Management is a financial management software solution that helps organize the user’s spend and more effectively manage the purchasing process. The solution works throughout the order lifecycle with vendors.

Zycus Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis is a spend management software solution. The platform is designed to help businesses ‘know’ how to spend better by enabling a detailed, accurate and timely visibility into organization-wide spend.

Ivalua End-to-End Spend Management

Ivalua End-to-End Spend Management is a suite of spend management modules including supplier management, strategic sourcing, contracts and pricing, procurement, invoices and payables, and strategy and analytics. The suite is designed to manage supplier information, third-party risk incidents, supplier issues, improvement plans and vendor MDM.

– SciQuest Spend Radar

SciQuest Spend Radar is a spend management software solution that is designed for purchasing and accounting workers. The program goes over all spend data and identifies ways to earn and measure savings. Users can analyze spend data over user-defined time periods and customize the reports they receive.

Chrome River AUDIT

Chrome River AUDIT is spend management and intelligent auditing software that provides users with a powerful rule set designed to analyze expense submissions, charge attributes, expense submitter attributes and audit risk level. The platform is equipped with tools that allow users to attach narrative responses to returned items, provide and manage additional relevant notes, and maintain threaded transaction-related discussions with employees.

Infor d/EPM

Infor d/EPM is a spend management software solution that integrates with ERP and CRM platforms to keep all financial data updated and consistent. As sales are made and suppliers send packages across the supply chain, the program develops insights into all of these areas.