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Artificial Intelligence in Procurement: Things You Need to Know

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a broad range of potential advantages for business operations, especially procurement. Today, AI is creating a […]

JAGGAER Direct Supply Chain Management

JAGGAER Direct Supply Chain Management is supply chain management software designed to help companies to reduce costs and to accelerate lead times. The platform covers all stages within the supply chain including ordering, goods receipt, and invoicing, is built to adhere to industry standards, and enables users to connect with all of their suppliers over web EDI.

RizePoint Standards

RizePoint Standards is supply chain management software that provides companies with a single, centralized source for storing specifications, standards and compliance management documentation. The platform provides users with multiple functionalities including program management, document management, supplier onboarding and analytics.

Adjuno LIMA

LIMA is supply chain management software that provides users with visibility into inventory costs and associated documents, and is designed to be an intuitive system in order to support implementation with minimal training. The platform offers several key supply chain modules including logistics, vendor, and inventory flow management tools, as well as business intelligence, offshore processing, and packaging confirmation functionality.

TPSynergy Supply Chain Collaboration

TPSynergy Supply Chain Collaboration is supply chain management software that provides suppliers with easy-to-use order management tools, and an online portal for shipments and invoicing processes. The platform is designed to integrate with existing ERP tools and accounting systems such as QuickBooks, and utilizes EDI, XML and API tools to optimize supply chain systems.

Mycroft AI Assistant

Mycroft AI Assistant is a supply chain management solution designed to help small and midsize businesses automate oversight of their inventory. The platform analyzes sales patterns and inventory levels to detect which inventory items need to be refilled in order to avoid overstocking, material shortages and extra overhead costs.

HICX Supplier Management

HICX Supplier Management is a supplier management software solution that helps strengthen relationships with vendors by managing onboarding, compliance, performance and more. The program can be used to map each supplier’s hierarchy, business functions, industry and geographic location.


RELEX is a customizable supply chain management solution designed to meet the unique needs of retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. The solution can be tailored to address the SCM demands of companies in the fields of groceries, wholesale, specialty retail, manufacturing, DIY and builders merchants, consumer electronics, home and garden and fashion and clothing.

5 Benefits of Using Supply Chain Management Software

Because a supply chain is a complex process with many dynamic parts, the odds of problems arising are very high — everything from a late shipment to an incorrectly inputted order can delay production and cost you more. SCM software exists to help alleviate these potential points of weakness before they can become an issue.

Logility Voyager Demand Planning

Logility Voyager Demand Planning is a demand planning software solution that automates all purchase forecasting. The program reviews all past financials and uses this data to build on-demand forecast models.