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InvestWell Software

InvestWell is financial planning software for IFAs & RIAs, and works for both investors and distributors. The platform is built to manage all asset classes and records all investments in MF/ULIPS/FD/equity shares and insurance, both life and general, directly uploads data from registrar mail back files and requires no manual data entry, and provides 360 degree customer views that includes complete details of all folios including joint names, mode of holding, and bank details.

Are Bots Taking Over Your Tax Accounting?

There’s no doubt about it: Software robots, or “bots,” are on their way to an accounting department near you. A […]

Cybersecurity Basics During Tax Season & Beyond

April 17 — Tax Deadline Day — is quickly approaching. It’s also a prime time for scammers to take advantage […]

Cloud Security Tips for Tax Season

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CrowdReason MetaTaskerPT

MetaTaskerPT is a web application assisting property tax groups with data entry, and is designed to intelligently extract strategic data from property tax documents, such as tax bills and notices, and directly import them into a property tax management system. The platform is scalable and capable of accommodating high-volume incoming document peaks experienced during property tax cycles, and provides users with an extraction process that utilizes a combination of machine learning and secure virtualized labor approaches.

CrowdReason TotalPropertyTax

TotalPropertyTax is cloud-based tax management software that provides users with rapid insights for decision making throughout the property tax cycle. The platform handles asset management, filing returns, appealing notices and processing tax bills.

Webtel Electrosoft WEB GST

WEB GST is integrated ASP-GSP accounting and tax solution software that assists users with filing GST returns and invoices, is equipped with auto intelligence matching functionality, and calculates net tax utility. The platform enables users to pay taxes online, creates ISD master and distribution of input tax credits, and allows users to print computation and return forms.

How Much Will Tax Software Cost Your Business?

At first glance, tax software can seem like a godsend — offering you the benefit of a personal accountant without handing over a ridiculous portion of your tax refund. But fees for filing and support can add up. Just how much will tax software end up costing you?

SMB Tax Tools Go Head-to-Head: H&R Block vs TurboTax

Many small businesses lack the resources or need for a dedicated accounting team capable of completing the documents necessary to file federal and state tax. Luckily, tax giants such as H&R Block and Intuit’s TurboTax realized the need long ago for easy-to-use, efficient and virtually fool-proof software for both business and personal users alike.

Top Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

Every penny counts when saving money, yet many companies aren’t up to speed on deductible expenses. Buying furniture, food or even software can be deducted from your taxes as long as you save the receipts. Read on for the top tax deductions for small businesses.