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ReQtest is a cloud-based project management and software testing tool that helps enterprises in test management, bug tracking and requirement management operations. The platform is an end to end solution for software testing processes with features such as quick test management, product requirements management with agile dashboard, requirement traceability matrix, and integration with JIRA.


MaestroQA is customer service quality assurance software that helps teams identify issues, coach agents, and measure impact. The platform enables users to focus on important metrics such as CSAT and resolution time, is designed to integrate with the user’s existing software solutions such as email support, live chat, and phones calls, and supports multiple third-party systems such as Zendesk, Salesforce and Salesforce Desk, Intercom, Kustomer, and Freshdesk.

Sahi Pro

Sahi Pro is a QA testing software that enhances tester productivity and allows teams to streamline testing of their web applications. The platform allows more members in agile teams to participate in the test automation process and improves the overall effectiveness of automated web application testing.

XQual XStudio

XStudio is an application testing software solution that works throughout the ALM cycle to meet all QA needs. Users start out by automatically or manually initiating tests and seeing how long each test would take.

Overcome 4 QA Challenges with Test Management Software

Test management software is a major resource for any organization that wants to improve its quality assurance processes as well as the overall quality of its software. As central platforms for software testing and other related tasks, these resources can help team leaders address many common QA challenges.

QASymphony qTest Explorer

qTest Explorer is a QA testing software solution that supports exploratory testing and manual testing for case management documents. The platform enables users to test case managers can use the tool’s intelligent capture technology to track and record all steps taken during testing.

QASymphony qTest Platform

The qTest Platform is a QA testing software solution that allows teams of all sizes to manage their manual scripted, exploratory and automated testing in one central location. The tool provides real-time integration to the most popular ALMs like JIRA, Rally and VersionOne.

verit Informationssysteme Klaros-Test­management

Klaros-Testmanagement is a web-based application for test case and quality management. It contains components for resource management and the evaluation of test activity. Tracking of test requirements is supported, as well as agile test management (Scrum, Kanban).

AppNeta Experience

AppNeta Experience is a QA testing tool that measures end user performance, functionality and availability for web apps. The platform allows users to pinpoint changes to their application to highlight where problems originate and whether they’re in the browser, the network or the application itself.

– Corona Labs Editor

Corona Labs Editor is a QA testing software solution that provides an environment in which users can test out features for apps and games. Users can easily debug their apps and set stopping points where they can take the time to inspect compiled errors before continuing onwards. Whenever users need to edit or add code, the program can intuitively autocomplete lines to save them time. Users can additionally pull up code snippets and documents in the event that they need help. The system supports Windows, iOS and Android environments, and users can go back-and-forth between each one. Lastly, Corona Labs Editor is open source and can be customized for users’ individual needs.