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AppNeta AppView Review

Product Snapshot


AppNeta AppView is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

AppNeta products are available for single-user projects, startups and larger enterprises.

Select Customers

Marriott, McDonald’s, Netflix, National Instruments, PayPal

About AppNeta AppView

AppNeta AppView AppNeta’s AppView is a QA testing tool that measures end user performance, functionality and availability for web apps. AppView pinpoints changes to your application to highlight where problems originate, whether they’re in the browser, the network or the application itself. While testing out your application, you can replay scripts to highlight changes in performance, create custom workflows and debug ssues by locating the exact asset and page that fail to load.

About AppNeta

AppNeta is dedicated to its model of providing visibility into application code to pinpoint performance bottlenecks across web, mobile and cloud-delivered application environments.

AppView Key Features

  • Measure internal or external web apps
  • Script user actions up to 20 steps
  • Detailed availability and performance insight
  • Interactive and scheduled report delivery
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • DNS performance monitoring
  • Test password protected applications
  • 3rd party API monitoring
  • In-depth alerts notifications
  • 365 day data retention

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