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Mirrorfly is a ready-made chat application that helps users to communicate and collaborate with the team in a more secure setting, and provides companies with a real-time messaging solution through chat apps and in-app messaging. The platform is 100% customizable and enables companies to enhance communications with deskless workers through unlimited channels, secure file transmission, centralized administration and guest accounts.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Applications Rainbow

Rainbow is a Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) and Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS), a hybrid cloud solution for enterprise communications which aims to connect people and systems optimally. The platform digitizes and secures all business communications, enables users to instantly connect with their business network regardless of location or device, and is built to connect with pre-existing phone system in order to become an integrated part of the user’s business desk phone.

XB Software XB Chat

XB Chat is an easy-to-use WebRTC solution based on the OpenTok platform developed by Tokbox. It allows users to hold video and audio calls and to create text chats, works on desktop systems of all functionality, and operates flawlessly in Chrome, Mozilla and Safari.

Lean Forward Hypersay

Hypersay is collaboration and presentation software available as a free platform for creating interactive presentations that massively increase engagement. The platform helps users keep their audience engaged with polls, questions, private notes and live slide sharing, stores, enriches and delivers presentations from the user’s cloud, and supports anonymity by allowing unregistered participants to join.


Voicefox is web conferencing and recording software that enable users to capture and record highlights from online meetings conducted through a majority of web conferencing apps including Gotomeeting, Google Hangouts, Google Meet and Blue Jeans. The platform enables users to gain customer success insight and increase customer engagement, facilitates streamlined interviewing processes and data-driven hiring decisions, and allows users to create bookmarks within the recording.

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Contus Vplay

Vplay is live video streaming and video hosting software that enables companies to conduct video conferences, manage and categorize digital assets, and supports corporate employee engagement activities. The platform hosts content on Amazon cloud as well as can be routed to dedicated servers, encrypts video files to protect against hacks or cracks, and provides Digital Rights Management (DRM) functionality to ensure digital assets are not used illegally by others.


Niftio is web conferencing software that provides users with presentation templates as well as a rich content library containing high-quality images, shapes and charts. The platform allows users to engage audiences through Q&A sessions, provides in-app analytic tools and is equipped with a Smart Pointer tool that allows users to use any mobile device to control a presentation.


Demio is a web conferencing platform that focuses on assisting marketing and sales teams generate and qualify leads. The platform allows users to conduct webinars geared towards demonstrations, employee onboarding and training, and Q&A purposes.


Drum is a video conferencing platform that allows businesses to host web-based meetings and collaborate in real time. The software utilizes WebRTC to host unlimited browser-based video and audio meetings for anywhere between 5 to 250 attendees (available on the enterprise-scale plan).