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10 Reasons Why Video Conferencing Is a Must for Your Business

10 Reasons Why Video Conferencing Is a Must for Your Business

The introduction of video conferencing greatly facilitates the communication and collaboration among people distributed geographically, which has been becoming increasingly essential to the development of companies of all sizes. The benefits of video conferencing are numerous and listed below are ten reasons why it is a must for your business.


  1. Boost productivity and efficiency. The top one benefit of video conferencing is undoubtedly the increased productivity and higher efficiency. In comparison to in-person meetings, video conferences can be conducted through the internet anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to spend too much time scheduling or organizing a meeting. Just by downloading and installing a video conferencing software like ezTalks Cloud, you can easily start a virtual meeting on your computer, smartphone or other portable devices.


  1. Cut back on travel expenses. In the past, business trips were the only way for a company to discuss negotiation and collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers in different locations. But traveling to other places is costly and time-consuming. You can utilize video conferencing to reduce some unnecessary business travel or even fully supplant it. In this way, video conferencing helps the company save a large amount of time and money.


  1. Make communication and collaboration effective. Unlike emails and audio-only conference calls, video conferencing not only helps you clarify voice and tone, but also see the instant response, facial expression and body language of other attendees. Such kind of nonverbal communication is effective and helps you come to important decisions more easily.


  1. Build a better client relationship. Apart from hosting a video meeting with your clients, you can also use video conferencing system to resolve technical problems and offer better customer service. By simply hosting a quick video conference call, you can see the problems that customers put forward and positively troubleshoot them within just a few minutes.


  1. Make telecommuting for employees possible. According to studies, 80% of employees would like to choose a more flexible working scheme like telecommuting. Video conferencing makes telecommuting possible. There are lots of benefits of telecommuting for employees.Employees at home can keep connected with colleagues and customers through a video conferencing tool. It adds convenience for employees and can retain those key talents for the company.


  1. Offer an improved recruitment. Studies show that video conferencing ranks third (47%) among the business communication channels for HR specialists, after email (89%) and voice call (64%). Online interview benefits are obvious. Job interviewing via video conferencing has become a new way of hiring employees, allowing an interviewer to get more chances to better communicate with the applicants all around the globe.


  1. Keep you competitive. Featured in real-time communication, a web-based video meeting is superior to in-person conferencing. For example, you can host a new product launch event by utilizing a high-efficient video conferencing solution, which will shorten the time required to bring a new product or service to market. This will help you as a competitor.


  1. Achieve a better work-life balance. Frequently traveling for business will ultimately burn you out. Video conferencing gives you an opportunity to work while also having time for family and other important parts of life. Therefore, it helps you achieve a better work-life balance.


  1. Improve staff training experience. Training new staff can be interesting, or ineffective and time-consuming. By using a video conferencing platform, you can now train hundreds of new employees simultaneously. They won’t have to be crammed into one meeting in an unfamiliar place, but they can instead sit in front of their own desktop and watch your personal instruction. New employees can also record the whole training process and view it later for a refresher.


  1. Build better teamwork. Video conferencing can bring teammates all over the world together to share data and content. It provides remote colleagues with access to the most up-to-date information. Employees can also collaborate without constraints and make better, faster and more informed decisions, leading to a greater teamwork.

Video conferencing is a modernized way of communication and cooperation for every business, and the aforementioned are just ten reasons why some companies adopt such an effective tool.

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