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Digimind Social

Digimind Social is social monitoring software that enables users to listen to social channel conversations, engage with online audiences, and analyze and report on brand effectiveness in the social arena. The platform provides real-time visibility into online conversations across millions of online sources, and produces actionable insights to drive and improve marketing strategies.

Digimind Competitive Intelligence

Digimind Competitive Intelligence is a business intelligence software that allows companies to monitor changes in the business environment, and enables users to anticipate competitor strategies by analyzing and tracking their actions and results. The platform facilitates new market expansions and product launches, strategic alliances and personnel changes, and planned and completed acquisitions.

– Digimind Sales Intelligence

Digimind Sales Intelligence delivers dynamic sales intelligence, key business insights and prospect information to empower your sales team.

– Digimind Market Intelligence

Digimind Market Intelligence helps companies enhance their marketing activities by allowing them to easily compile and analyze information from all types of web sources.