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Digimind Market Intelligence is a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Pharmaceutical, Telecom & High Tech, Luxury Goods, Energy, Banking & Insurance

Select Customers

Toyota, Nitro Digital, Insead, GE, Bloomberg

Customer Case Studies

BNP Paribas

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About Digimind Market Intelligence

- Digimind Market IntelligenceDigimind Market Intelligence helps companies enhance their marketing activities by allowing them to easily compile and analyze information from all types of web sources. Monitor trends in existing and new markets and anticipate potential opportunities or risks. Digimind Market Intelligence is an integrated web-based solution that helps you automate repetitive intelligence activities like information management, data collection, analysis and sharing.

About Digimind
Digimind provides software solutions for market intelligence practitioners including time heavy intelligence activities and automated solutions that utilize digital information. Digimind supports the full market intelligence workflow including data collection, information management and analysis and publication.

Digimind Market Intelligence Key Features

  • Automatically gather and analyze information
  • Monitor trends in new and potential markets
  • Analyze potential opportunities and threats

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