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Customer Focus

Pharmaceutical, Telecom & High Tech, Luxury Goods, Energy, Banking & Insurance

Select Customers

Toyota, Nitro Digital, Insead, GE, Bloomberg

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About Digimind Sales Intelligence

- Digimind Sales IntelligenceDigimind Sales Intelligence delivers dynamic sales intelligence, key business insights and prospect information to empower your sales team. Identify relevant targets to add to sales pipeline and increase revenue with web monitoring, data filtering and timely that keep you abreast on trigger events for sales to pursue.

About Digimind
Digimind provides software solutions for market intelligence practitioners including time heavy intelligence activities and automated solutions that utilize digital information. Digimind supports the full market intelligence workflow including data collection, information management and analysis and publication.

Digimind Sales Intelligence Key Features

  • Arm your sales teams with accurate and current information about prospects
  • Businesses can realize sales targets and reduce sales cycle over time
  • Monitor and extract relevant information, improving efficiency, and then convert data into the sales pipeline to build a complete profile of customers

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