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– DNA-Agile Aero-DNA

NA-Agile Aero-DNA is ERP for engineering manufacturers in the field of aerospace. It tracks orders, jobs, invoicing, quoting, and streamlines production processes.

– DNAagile DNAredthorn

DNAredthorn is an Oracle-based manufacturing planning and control software designed to support engineering subcontractors. The platform’s core modules facilitate sales and purchase order processing, production and engineering, stock control for products and materials, labor processing, CRM, capacity planning and scheduling, quality control processes, financial activities, and logistic reporting.

– DNA-Agile DNAprojex

DNA-Agile DNAprojex is a collaboration software solutionm that enables cooperation between multiple users from multiple different organizations.

– DNA-Agile DNAerp

DNA-Agile DNAerp is engineering manufacturer ERP that streamlines company production processes. It will support you throughout the entire production lifecycle: through prototyping, concessions, tooling, production orders, maintenance, repair, and overhaul.

– DNA-Agile DNAconnex

DNAconnex is equipped with a number of tools to help you maximize your customer and supplier relationships, including dashboards that track tasks and satisfaction levels.