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eGain Social

eGain Social is social intelligence software designed to support social customer service, knowledge capturing processes, and works as a single-source social publishing and online reputation management solution. The platform monitors social networks for any customer queries, as well as analyzes those queries for sentiment, and enables users to respond with related content or relevant responses.

– eGain Interactive Sales Suite

eGain Interactive Sales Suite helps eBusiness and marketing teams turn company websites into an interactive shopping platform.

eGain ClicktoCall

eGain ClicktoCall is call center and customer service software that enables users to offer real-time voice assistance to their online customers through both land line or mobile phone lines, as well as through their computer. The platform supports both instant and scheduled calls, leverages the user’s existing agent pool, and is designed to work as both an ‘always on’ option as well as a rule-based conditional tool.

About eGain

eGain Communications is a leading provider of powerful, innovative contact center and multi-channel service solutions. Hundreds of growing mid-sized businesses rely on eGain to deliver world-class service and support to their customers.