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– eGain Interactive Sales Suite Review

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eGain Interactive Sales Suite can be deployed on the cloud or on site.

Customer Focus

Multinational, Enterprise and Large Businesses.

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About eGain Interactive Sales Suite

- eGain Interactive Sales SuiteeGain Interactive Sales Suite helps eBusiness and marketing teams turn company websites into an interactive shopping platform. Deploy contextual engagement strategies with proactive assistance using a rich customer interaction hub that offers the following products: eGain Offers, eGain Chabot, eGain Social and more.

About eGain
eGain provides multichannel customer service and knowledge management software, both cloud and onsite. eGain improves service processes and increase sales across the web, phone and social channels. Enterprise companies have used eGain to transform their sales and customer service operations into unified Customer Interaction Hubs.

eGain Interactive Suite Key Features

  • eGain Offers delivers rule-based, real-time offers that engage visitors
  • eGain Chatbot offers avatar, natural language conversations
  • eGain ClickToCall lets customers request callbacks
  • eGain Multibrowse allows customers and agents to navigate and fill out forms securely on the web in real-time
  • eGain Notify lets visitors sign up for sales and service alerts across email, SMS, mobile apps, social networks and more
  • eGain Social monitors social media, publishes offers and communicate with prospects
  • eGain Survey offers Survey Initiation Workflow, Feedback Form and Feedback Manager Workflow
  • eGain Adviser supports agents with reminders and information throughout interaction processes

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