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– Fixmo EMP

Fixmo EMP is an enterprise mobility platform that provides you with defense-grade mobile security and management tools.

– Fixmo SafeZone

Fixmo SafeZone helps you secure and manage all the data across your company mobile device fleet.

– Fixmo SafeGuard SDK

Fixmo SafeGuard SDK is a Fixmo EMP module that helps you modify and add security features to your mobile devices.

– Fixmo SharePlace

Fixmo SharePlace is a mobile app that integrates with Microsoft SharePoint so that you can manage and collaborate on company documents from your mobile devices.

– Fixmo Sentinel

Fixmo Sentinel is a module in the Fixmo EMP platform that detects device tampering and verifies device integrity.

– Fixmo AppZone

Fixmo AppZone is a part of Fixmo EMP and helps you secure every process that is a part of the mobile app lifecycle.

– Fixmo SafeLock MDM

Fixmo SafeLock MDM is a module in the Fixmo EMP platform that provides you with security and compliance features

– Fixmo Secure Gesture

Fixmo Secure Gesture is a user login and mobile device authentication solution that is powered by Lockheed Martin’s Mandrake SG technology.