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Jinisys Software Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System is a warehouse management software solution that tracks items with the aid of automation. After integrating a warehouse into the program, users can track all item stock levels, set automatic reorder points and pull up individual locations for all inventory pieces.

Jinisys Software Property Management System

Property Management System is a property management software solution that can maintain all controlled property units and relationships with tenants. Upon logging into the program, users can view the status of each unit along with its value. In the event that a new customer wants to rent out a space, users can schedule a reservation, take care of all property paperwork and complete check-in.

– Jinisys Asset Management System

Jinisys Asset Management System is an enterprise asset management solution that makes it easy to pull up information on assets and the workers who use them. As users enter assets into the program, they can apply unique tags to them, categorize them by a number of different criteria and search for assets through a number of parameters.

Jinisys Software Call Plus

Call Plus is a call center software solution that tracks all phone usage at a company. Each time a user makes an outgoing call, the program can calculate its cost, log information on the call recipient and add the call to the user’s database record.

Jinisys Software Emergency 911

Emergency 911 is a call center software solution that can handle emergency calls. Whenever a 911 call comes in, the program pinpoints the caller’s location, records the call inside a database and forwards the caller to the appropriate authorities. From there, users can dispatch the necessary staff and send out updates as needed.

Jinisys Software Inventory Plus

Inventory Plus is an inventory management software solution that is designed to scale alongside growing businesses. As sales transactions happen across retail locations, the program monitors all profits and stock levels.

Jinisys Software Kitchen Order Routing

Kitchen Order Routing is a restaurant management software solution that works with Resto Plus to provide more comprehensive functionality for kitchen order routing. Each time a new order is put into the program, the order is automatically routed to a kitchen workstation.

Jinisys Software Communication Middleware

Communication Middleware is a hospitality management software solution that works with Call Plus to manage guest and company phones at hotels. When guests come to check in at a hotel, users can assign their names to the phones in guests’ designated rooms.

Jinisys Software POS Plus

POS Plus is a point-of-sale software solution that integrates with SAP Business One to sync all transactions and financials. The platform allows users to quickly run up item totals and process payments as customers come in to make checkouts, record all sales transactions in full audit trails and pull up information on stock levels and track all inventory across multiple locations.

Jinisys Software Folio Plus Hotel Management System

Folio Plus Hotel Management System is a hotel management software solution that takes care of all hotel marketing, sales and operations. At the start of a campaign, the program can send out marketing emails to guests and entice them with special details.