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Jinisys Software Emergency 911 Review

Product Snapshot

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Product is available as an on-premise solution.

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Vendor works with midsize, large and multi-national enterprises.

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About Emergency 911

Jinisys Software Emergency 911 Emergency 911 is a call center software solution that can handle emergency calls. Whenever a 911 call comes in, the program pinpoints the caller’s location, records the call inside a database and forwards the caller to the appropriate authorities. From there, users can dispatch the necessary staff and send out updates as needed.

For records maintenance, the system can pull up each individual call and play it back. Users can control how calls are distributed, and the product generates reports on overall worker performance. Lastly, the platform can process calls sent through the Internet.

About the Company

Jinisys Software Inc was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in the Philippines.


Emergency 911 Key Features

  • On-premise call center software solution
  • Designed for emergency response groups
  • Routes all incoming 911 calls
  • Identifies the caller’s location automatically
  • Stores all calls inside a database
  • Dispatches staff and sends them updates
  • Users can play back each call received


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