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– Joyent SmartMachines Cloud Infrastructure

Joyent SmartMachines offer virtual environments for real-time web apps with full transparency to the underlying OS, SmartOS. SmartMachines’ high-performance, on-demand environments are scalable and user-friendly.

– Joyent SmartDataCenter

Joyent SmartDataCenter is an IaaS platform that enables users to create and run their private, public, or hybrid clouds. Joyent offers a high-performance, scalable set of resources and services.

– Joyent Cloud

The Joyent Cloud delivers virtual servers with advanced cloud security to businesses who want to run their applications in the Cloud. It can quickly have critical business applications up and running in the Cloud, freeing companies to run their organizations rather than managing their infrastructure.

Joyent Introduction

Joyent CEO and Co-Founder David Young provides some insight into Joyent’s beginnings, vision and focus on customer and employee service.

Joyent Smart Computing Overview

Joyent VP of Marketing Adrian Ludwig provides an overview of Joyent’s Smart Computing.

Kabam on Joyent

See why Kabam decided to host its products on Joyent’s scalable cloud infrastructure.

LinkedIn on Joyent

Linkedin leverages Joyent Cloud infrastructure to operate several Linkedin subdomains including