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Lithium Communities

Lithium Communities is a web engagement management and gamification software solution that is designed to boost relationships with online audiences. The program comes with a number of page and design templates users can install on their websites.

Lithium Social Media Management

Lithium Social Media Management is a social media management software solution that deals with social media requests and messages at an enterprise level. When users log into the program, their role-based UIs give them the immediate social media information they need.

– Lithium Technologies Social Media Analytics

Lithium Technologies Social Media Analytics is a social media monitoring software solution that provides customer service insights across all social media channels. The program is designed to watch how social media agents resolve customer service issues. For instance, users can track each agent’s performance, pull up trends on overall performance and compare service ability against industry KPIs.

Lithium Reach

Lithium Reach is social media management software that facilitates social marketing, content management and marketing campaigns. The software provides users with data-driven content recommendations via Klout Data, an automated content scheduling tool and enables users to leverage user generate content (UGC) from a cultivated online community.

– Lithium Platform

Lithium Platform is a community forum and social media management solution that helps your business engage with customers by delivering engaging and compelling experiences across channels.