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– Lumesse TalentLink

When it comes to acquiring new talent, Lumesse TalentLink provides you with recruitment tools that allow you reach the best of the best. Easily configurable and hosted on Web 2.0 technology, TalentLink speeds up the hiring process.

– Lumesse Learning Gateway

Lumesse Learning Gateway is a Cloud-based platform that can administer tests, tutoring, and social learning. The product is scalable, enabling you to create as many learning portals as needed to suit the number of your learners.

Lumesse ETWeb

Lumesse ETWeb is talent management software that generates business insights over an intuitive, simple user interface. Each of the user’s employees has a profile created for him or her, and HR and management teams can receive instant access to employee talent information through reports or analytics.

– Lumesse CourseBuilder

Lumesse CourseBuilder is content authoring software that makes learning management content creation fast, easy, and intuitive.