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MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform

MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform is an application development software solution that builds worker apps for enterprise-level companies. The platform allows users to have no coding knowledge, create apps for all types of mobile devices and start out by selecting engines they wish to include in their apps.

MicroStrategy Usher Mobile Identity Platform

MicroStrategy Usher Mobile Identity Platform is an IT infrastructure monitoring software solution that turns mobile devices into security access badges. The platform allows users to distribute the app to company mobile devices, issue access privileges to each one and set all credentials, and app users can then move around a company and have the app unlock doors, receive access codes and provide ID verification.

– MicroStrategy Analytics

MicroStrategy Analytics is a big data analytics software solution that uses interactive visualizations to display key pieces of data.

MicroStrategy Alert Loyalty Platform

MicroStrategy Alert Loyalty Platform is a web engagement management software solution that uses gamification to boost customers’ mobile experiences by launching targeted campaigns to customers and host a mobile storefront. The platform allows customers to earn points by making social media shares and continued checkouts and redeem these points for prizes and gift cards.

MicroStrategy Analytics Server

MicroStrategy Analytics Server is a top business intelligence and analytics solution that makes it easy for users to connect with important data. This top BI platform provides interactive visualization tools, drag-and-drop, collaboration and pixel-perfect dashboards.

MicroStrategy Cloud

MicroStrategy Cloud is business intelligence and analytics software that supports data integration, validation and warehousing. The platform enables users to build and deploy analytic applications for access via web, smartphones and tablets without writing code, and is backed by Amazon Web Services.

MicroStrategy BI for iPad: Customized Workflows

Build customized BI workflows by linking dashboards and documents. Design custom drilling paths and navigate through filtered results.

MicroStrategy Dynamic Dashboards QuickTour

This quicktour provides a one-minute introduction to business dashboards and the unique capabilities of dynamic dashboards built with MicroStrategy’s business intelligence software.

Data Discovery and Visualization for Better Decisions

MicroStrategy business intelligence software overview.

About Call Center Software, a subsidiary of MicroStrategy (NASD: MSTR), is a leading provider of on-demand IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and call center solutions.