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Pipedrive Co-Founder Urmas Purde Wants to Do More Than CRM

Pipedrive wants to do more than CRM: they want to help companies sell better. Co-founder Urmas Purde joins us for a discussion on CRM – what it is and what it can be, what the next 5 years will hold, and which companies are worth keeping an eye on.

Pipedrive Welcome Video

What is the sales pipeline, how to move deals between stages and to won, how to add new deals and activities. Get yourself familiar with Pipedrive in 2 minutes.


Pipedrive is CRM software that provides users with statistic reports and graphical views, sales pipeline management tools, and is designed to support full email integration. The platform provides users with activity planning tools including follow-up reminders and scheduling, tracks all deal-related data including conversations and involved parties, and is designed to present sales pipelines as visual representations.