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Sitecore E-Commerce

Sitecore E-Commerce is an ecommerce software solution that helps users attract new customers and bring them back on a consistent basis. After users set up a page design layout and inventory of sellable goods, the program analyzes website visitor behavior to derive key behavioral insights and boost sales. For instance, the system can track conversion rates, send out targeted offers and display upsell opportunities.

Sitecore CMS

Sitecore CMS is a scalable and intuitive solution built with functionality to help businesses create dynamic, fully featured web experiences. The platform is built with powerful tools that allow businesses to create and customize their sites to fit their target audiences, improving conversion rates and search engine visibility.

Sitecore Digital Marketing System

The Sitecore Digital Marketing System delivers the insight users need to generate more qualified leads and increase conversion rates. With tools that deliver actionable insight into user behavior and activity, this system can help businesses deliver the content that will attract and engage visitors, turning prospects into qualified leads.

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Next Generation Web Content Management – A Comprehensive Assessment of Current Challenges & The Future of WCM

Customers and prospects are engaging in a growing number of digital channels before making purchases, and the buying process is rarely a set of simple linear steps. Supporting prospects throughout the buying cycle requires a dialogue between a company and the prospect, and this dialogue should be highly relevant, timely and personalized to maximize marketing effectiveness and grow top-line revenue.

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Over the past 25 years, open source software has evolved from the fringes of high tech society into the mainstream. The “siren song” of open source is a powerful one, promising to eliminate software licensing costs and give entrée to a passionate, global development community. But should enterprise IT organizations heed it? Or, as in Greek mythology, do those who are tempted by the siren song of open source suffer tragic consequences?

The Sitecore Solution for Web Content Management

In today’s global economy, companies exploit the Web as a medium for building business relationships. They expect to manage their Web-based content in a cost-effective manner. By adopting a Web content management (WCM) application, a firm transforms key aspects of its core operations by enabling its line-of-business staff to maintain Web-based content on their own, without ongoing support from an IT group.

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Introducing Sitecore: Developing rich online experiences.

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