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Soasta CloudTest

Soasta CloudTest is QA testing software that enables users to continuously test websites and mobile applications while delivering real-time end-to-end insights. The platform provides users with a Chrome browser extension that builds test scenarios using real user-based testing as well as user-created scenarios, allows users to import existing JMeter test scripts, and is equipped with a visual test environment.

– Soasta CloudTest Performance

Soasta CloudTest Performance helps build, execute and analyze performance tests for your applications. The software offers optimized test loading so that users can see exactly what areas need to be improved.

– Soasta CloudTest On-Demand

Soasta CloudTest On-Demand conducts optimized, real-world application testing for mobile and websites to perform under high traffic by provisioning software in minutes and operating with thousands of local and geographically dispersed users.

– Soasta CloudTest Mobile

Soasta CloudTest Mobile allows users to test their mobile apps with with multi-touch and gesture-based applications. Soasta CloudTest Mobile’s technology gives users the freedom to test their mobile applications anytime, anywhere.

– Soasta CloudTest Lite

Soasta CloudTest Lite is a web and mobile testing platform that enables users to keep up to date with their web application development process by delivering rapid test creation and a visual interface for functional or performance testing.