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Five Top CRM Companies

Which CRM companies deliver superior products and outstanding service? The 2011 CRM Market Leaders, hand-picked by the editors at CRM Magazine, highlight the best CRM solutions on the market today.

SugarCRM Ready for Major Shifts in Software Market

CRM software, particularly enterprise-scale CRM systems, are evolving as customer interaction becomes heavily reliant on social and mobile technologies. SugarCRM’s CTO discusses their vision of a CRM that promotes an open discussion between the business and its customers.


SugarCRM is customer relationship management software that allows users to build custom objects as well as combine existing and custom objects to create new applications. The platform includes tools to facilitate sales, marketing and customer support activities and includes mobile, email and social CRM integrations.

SugarCRM Tutorial: How to Install the SugarCRM Outlook Plugin

Demo of the Outlook plugin in your SugarCRM system for greater productivity.

What Benefits Have You Realized Using Sugar?

Watch these customer testimonials to discover what benefits companies have reaped once they implemented SugarCRM into their businesses.

Why Did You Choose SugarCRM?

Watch these customer testimonials to discover why companies have chosen SugarCRM as their CRM solution.

Sugar Mobile Plus Demo on Blackberry and iPad

See how SugarCRM Mobile works on popular mobile devices.

SugarCRM for LotusLive: CRM Made Social

How a sales person uses LotusLive and SugarCRM to collaborate with their customer.

SugarCRM – Marketing Automation Demo

This video shows how you can manage all marketing processes with SugarCRM.