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Inbox by Taulia

Inbox by Taulia is einvoicing software that works in conjunction with supplier finance, supplier management and supplier engagement modules. The platform that provides suppliers with multiple invoice submission methods through a centralized data center, optimizes invoice data capture, and eliminates manual data entry processes.

David and Goliath: Taulia’s VP of Products Markus Ament Takes on the Big Guys

Taulia focuses on dynamic discounting: allowing buyers to pay their invoices early against additional discounts, putting money into the pockets of their suppliers faster and easier. VP of Products Markus Ament explains the concept, and the future of supplier networks.

How to utilise SAP to create value in these turbulent economic times

Watch this excellent webinar to educate yourself on the full impact that dynamic discounting can have on your bottom line.

How Vendor Portals Benefit Buyers and Suppliers

Enable Accounts Payable to generate profits and simultaneously improve supplier satisfaction with Taulia’s Invoicement Suite. Its key components allow buyers to maximize discount capture while providing suppliers with an easy short-term financing option.

– Taulia Dynamic Payment Platform

Taulia’s Dynamic Payment Platform optimizes the invoicing process, enabling large buying organizations to reduce total spending while also allowing earlier payment for suppliers at a lower cost of capital.