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Specification-Driven Development

TechExcel DevSuite is built with the best-practice that specifications – from ideas, to formal specifications, to competitive information to issue resolution and customer insight – is central to any product development initiative. By eliminating the silos of data that exist between different teams and in different locales, specification-driven development helps enterprises dramatically transform their development processes, increasing both the efficiency and overall quality of their end products.

TechExcel – Demo

New graphical workflow modeling, a knowledge base search engine with auto-suggest, and an integrated employee web portal for self-service makes the latest version of TechExcel HelpDesk a viable solution for any size business. TechExcel HelpDesk provides the flexibility and process control to help meet your help desk, IT service, and change management needs. This demo shows some of the most important features of TechExcel HelpDesk.

TechExcel DevTrack – It’s the Right Time to Switch to DevTrack!

With budget cut, resources maxed out, and deadlines quickly approaching, isn’t it time to get more value from your issue tracking software? TechExcel DevTrack has a proven track record of enabling teams to do more with less!

TechExcel ServiceSuite – Apply the ITIL Framework with Confidence

Businesses increasingly view information technology as a strategic investment – an investment that is expected to align with the larger goals of the company and deliver competitive advantages. Well-defined IT service management processes ensure that the business is not only ready for change, but that it may take a proactive approach and push for changes that make the company more competitive and profitable.

ServiceWise Change Management Solutions

TechExcel ServiceWise is a powerful and versatile change management solution that enables businesses to define a framework for managing, tracking, and enforcing their business processes and to ensure that all stakeholders are “in the loop” throughout the change life cycle.

The Top On-Premise CRM Vendors

In spite of the increasingly loud “buzz” surrounding hosted or on-demand software solutions (also commonly referred to as software as a service, or SaaS), the demand for on-premise customer relationship management (CRM) applications has remained rather strong.

About TechExcel Enterprise CRM

TechExcel enterprise CRM solutions help previously siloed organizations connect previously disparate systems in order to attain larger scale efficiencies.

About TechExcel Help Desk Software

TechExcel’s Service and Support Management solutions provide enterprises with total visibility and actionable intelligence for all service desk, asset management and CRM business processes.

About TechExcel Customer Service Software

TechExcel solutions improve collaboration, communication, and processes between teams improving efficiency, quality, accountability, and control to enable thousands of companies worldwide to meet their business needs.

Service Management Implementation in Less Than 90 Days

Get a glimpse into service management implementation in less than 90 days.