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TechExcel DevTrack

DevTrack is defect tracking software that tracks projects that include multiple people, projects, clients and teams. The platform facilitates team and stakeholder communication and collaboration activities, manages, prioritizes and follows tasks and bugs through the development lifecycle, and assists users with creating projects, sprints and user stories designed to drive development.

– TechExcel ProjectPlan

TechExcel ProjectPlan is an integrated IT project planning and resource management solution built to serve the needs of IT managers and service teams.

– TechExcel FormWise

A web-based form management solution, TechExcel Formwise allows you to create fully customized online forms that can be integrated into your workflow processes.

– TechExcel KnowledgeWise

TechExcel KnowledgeWise is a centralized, wiki-based knowledge management solution designed to facilitate help desk processes and customer support.

– TechExcel AssetWise

TechExcel AssetWise is an IT asset management solution that can provide better control over IT assets, improving business operations.

TechExcel CustomerWise

CustomerWise is a powerful and effective software solution for customer service and support. Built with out-of-the-box best practice templates, the software is simple to use with easy point-and-click customizations.

TechExcel ServiceWise

ServiceWise is an adaptable, comprehensive IT service management solution designed to optimize service and support processes. The software is built with out-of-the-box streamlined features for automation and escalations, along with easy-to-implement ITIL workflow standards.

TechExcel DevSuite

DevSuite is an industry leading ALM software solution and the first to include built-in multi-site support. The platform is built with the tools users need to effectively manage development, with support for both agile and traditional processes.

AssetWise – Asset Management, the New Wave

To proactively manage assets over their entire lifecycle, firms must strive for enterprise-wide visibility and context into utilization, service accounts and historical records.

DevSuite – Knowledge Centric Application LifeCycle Management

While application development conjures up many thoughts, the fundamental core lies in the knowledge gained and used throughout the development process. In today’s competitive software development environment, the silo-based models will no longer support the ever-changing demands of large distributed organizations.