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TechExcel ServiceWise Review

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TechExcel ServiceWise is delivered as an on-premise solution. It requires Windows 2000/2003/2008, 1GB of memory, Microsoft IIS5.0 and above, 500 MB of free disk space, and .NET Framework 2.0 and above. ServiceWise is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and above and Oracle 9i and above.

Customer Focus

TechExcel works with midsized and large enterprises in a broad range of industries.

Select Customers

Sony, Nvidia, Nokia, Samsung, CAT

Customer Success Stories

Fujitsu, The First American Corporation, Sanmina Corporation

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About TechExcel ServiceWise

TechExcel ServiceWiseTechExcel ServiceWise is an adaptable, comprehensive IT service management solution designed to optimize service and support processes. ServiceWise is built with out-of-the-box streamlined features for automation and escalations, along with easy-to-implement ITIL workflow standards. With ServiceWise, organizations can coordinate activities and tasks and enforce business process rules, enabling them to achieve continual service improvement. TechExcel ServiceWise is built with an easy-to-use interface and with a host of comprehensive features to ensure that organizations can meet and even exceed service expectations.

About TechExcel
TechExcel is dedicated to bringing together the enterprise and creating an end-to-end business environment between product development and service and support. TechExcel delivers solutions in application lifecycle management and IT and customer support management to enable businesses to focus on fulfilling their strategic goals and to gain complete visibility and intelligence. Over 1,500 customers in more than 43 countries around the world rely on TechExcel solutions to help them create a collaborative and optimized business environment. TechExcel solutions like DevSuite have continuously won awards from several prestigious publications and industry groups.

TechExcel ServiceWise Key Features


  • Create a single access point for end users to request service, report problems, download software, search the knowledge base, and access request forms
  • Customize the self-service portal to fit unique business requirements

Email Submission

  • Convert support emails into requests
  • Track emails by the user with the self-service portal


  • Use Alerts and Reminders to define notification rules
  • Ensure efficient communication throughout the resolution process


  • Use any combination of categories and criteria (elapsed time, due date, etc) to escalate incidents or problems

Customizable Interface

  • Completely customize interfaces and field choices
  • Leverage a simple GUI tool to define pages and fields


  • Create tasks for reviews, tests, or approvals at any time throughout the incident or request process


  • Send incidents and problems to a team member based on expertise, availability or both
  • Route incidents to a group folder, state, or priority

Business Rules/Workflow

  • Use a simple workflow editor to implement and customize incident, request, and problem resolution processes
  • Leverage an award-winning point-and-click workflow engine to create business rules


  • Add any type of knowledge document to the knowledgebase
  • Allow knowledge to be made public in the self-service portal
  • Standardize resolutions to common problems with FAQs
  • Set access privileges to self-service content

Auto-Password Reset

  • Use password reset forms to reset or change Active Directory passwords
  • Report on incidents being automated by the reset feature

Reporting Dashboard

  • Leverage a customizable and interactive dashboard for all business processes
  • Organize the user interface with drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Build drill-down pivot charts
  • Customize page layouts, language settings, report widgets, and more

SLA Management

  • Define SLAs and create different escalation levels when service levels are not met
  • Prioritize requests and resources

Multiple Language Support

  • Provide service to clients in the appropriate language with downloadable language packs
  • Install new language packs with the Administrative Client

User Surveys

  • Enable user surveys to understand satisfaction levels with issue resolution

API Integration

  • Write and retrieve stored data with LinkPlus API integration
  • Use SOAP API to integrate with any third-party application

Built-in Reporting and Analytics

  • Use out-of-the-box list reports, summary reports, distribution reports, and trend reports
  • Customize each report by business need
  • Leverage on-demand management reporting with Dynamic Web Query reports

Process-Oriented Best Practice Templates

  • Adjust any template to meet specific requirements
  • Leverage out-of-the-box templates for Incident, Change, and Problem Management

LDAP Authentication and Sync

  • Sync both support team members and end-users directly into the system

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