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TechExcel AssetWise is an on-premise solution. It supports Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and above and Oracle 9i and above. AssetWise requires Windows 2000/2003/2008, 1GB of memory, 500 MB of free disk space, Microsoft IIS 5.0 and above and .Net Framework 2.0 and above.

Customer Focus

TechExcel works with midsized and large enterprises in a broad range of industries.

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Sony, Nvidia, Nokia, Samsung, CAT

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About TechExcel AssetWise

- TechExcel AssetWiseTechExcel AssetWise is a centralized asset management solution built for the entire organization. With AssetWise, businesses can automatically detect and track IT assets, inventory, usage and location, which can help to optimize resource use. AssetWise also enables organizations to tie asset information with customers and incidents to improve customer service and retention. AssetWise also provides full asset tracking and traceability so that users can easily view the lifecycle and history of their assets. With TechExcel AssetWise, users can gain better control over IT assets, improving business operations and optimizing how customers are serviced.

About TechExcel
TechExcel is dedicated to bringing together the enterprise and creating an end-to-end business environment between product development and service and support. TechExcel delivers solutions in application lifecycle management and IT and customer support management to enable businesses to focus on fulfilling their strategic goals and to gain complete visibility and intelligence. Over 1,500 customers in more than 43 countries around the world rely on TechExcel solutions to help them create a collaborative and optimized business environment. TechExcel solutions like DevSuite have continuously won awards from several prestigious publications and industry groups.

TechExcel AssetWise Key Features

Centralized Asset Operations

  • Store customer asset information in a single database, eliminating data inconsistencies
  • Share common customer information between sales, marketing, and support teams

Automatic Detection

  • Detect and track IT inventory, assets, usage, and location automatically
  • Use the optional AssetWise Discovery tool to automatically detect hardware and software in the network

Better Control

  • Gain better control and management of current assets
  • Make informed decisions about the purchase of any new assets

Improved Customer Service

  • Integrate asset information with customer information and incidents to enhance service levels

Automated Sales Orders

  • Track all purchases based on product versions, properties, support plan status, and dates by automating asset creation and sales orders

Unlimited Categories

  • Improve tracking, searching, and reporting by creating fully customizable field definitions
  • Have the ability to define unlimited asset categories, subcategories, and item templates

Relevance and Context

  • Integrate previously disjointed systems and processes by adding relevance and context
  • Enable total asset intelligence and visibility

Asset Discovery

  • Leverage automatic asset discovery tools from AssetWise Discovery to manage IT software usage, hardware assets, and software compliance

Easy Access to Information

  • View all products used or purchased by a customer
  • Link specific assets with a specific sales opportunity, marketing campaign, or support incident

Tracking and Traceability

  • Improve traceability by tracking the ownership, service, and repair history for all assets

Multiple Service Levels

  • Leverage the additional Service Agreement Manager module to manage multiple support plans and service levels based on the customer and asset types


  • Use additional LANDesk and Microsoft SMS integration modules to integrate the system with any existing asset management tools

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