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Product Snapshot


TechExcel KnowledgeWise is delivered as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

TechExcel works with midsized and large enterprises in a broad range of industries.

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Sony, Nvidia, Nokia, Samsung, CAT

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About TechExcel KnowledgeWise

- TechExcel KnowledgeWiseTechExcel KnowledgeWise is a centralized, wiki-based knowledge management solution designed to facilitate team collaboration, improve efficiency, and mitigate data risk. With KnowledgeWise, your business can enjoy the benefits of having a centralized knowledge base that holds all company documents. These benefits include improved self-service and quicker issue resolution time. With KnowledgeWise, you’ll be able to build and manage a knowledge base with strict security standards to improve the effectiveness of your service processes.

About TechExcel
TechExcel is dedicated to bringing together the enterprise and creating an end-to-end business environment between product development and service and support. TechExcel delivers solutions in application lifecycle management and IT and customer support management to enable businesses to focus on fulfilling their strategic goals and to gain complete visibility and intelligence. Over 1,500 customers in more than 43 countries around the world rely on TechExcel solutions to help them create a collaborative and optimized business environment. TechExcel solutions like DevSuite have continuously won awards from several prestigious publications and industry groups.

TechExcel KnowledgeWise Key Features

Documentation Management
  • Add, change, categorize, delete and index documents to fit your business needs

Strict Version Control Options

  • Control access to document actions at the item, folder or project level


  • Provide release notes, help topics and other self-help documents to employees and customers

Incident Resolution Tracking

  • Facilitate self-service and improve diagnosis and resolution times by adding resolved incidents to the knowledge base for future reference

Searchable Knowledge Base

  • Conduct searches by text or keyword, both of which are ranked by relevancy

Integrated Knowledge Notification

  • Email knowledge items to users or attach them to incidents

External Knowledge Links

  • Integrate third-party knowledge management tools with TechExcel Service Suite components

HTML Knowledge Editor

  • Easily edit knowledge documents

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