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WHIZTEC HCM is human capital management software that provides companies with paperless workforce, compensation and talent management tools. The platform is equipped with extensive business process automation tools, and integrates employee administration, document management, and leave and travel management functionalities.


WHIZTEC CRM is customer relationship management software that provides companies with a centralized system for tracking interactions with customers, partners and vendors. The platform enables users to aggregate and analyze all captured data on customer intelligence in order to provide data-driven actionable reports.

– WHIZTEC Supply Chain Management

WHIZTEC Supply Chain Management provides tools and data to streamline supply chains and reduce costs.


WHIZTEC ERP is enterprise resource planning software that facilitates shipping, logistics, retail and distribution, contract manufacturing and project-oriented manufacturing processes. The platform enables companies to collaborate with stakeholders as well as provides real-time visibility into all key data and projects.