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– WHIZTEC Supply Chain Management Review

Product Snapshot


WHIZTEC Supply Chain Management is available as a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

WHIZTEC works with small and mid-sized logistics, manufacturing, and retail companies.

About WHIZTEC Supply Chain Management

- WHIZTEC Supply Chain ManagementWHIZTEC Supply Chain Management provides tools and data to streamline supply chains and reduce costs. The program uses a rules system to guard against inaccurate procurement forecasts, and all procurement costs are up-to-date to prevent overpayments. For transportation, the system helps you determine the most cost-efficient means of delivering goods. For your warehouses, you can maximize warehouse space and use barcodes or RFID to accurately check your stock levels at different locations. Lastly, the program provides complete visibility across the entire supply chain process.

WHIZTEC was founded in 1996 and has locations in the UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, and India.

WHIZTEC Supply Chain Management Key Features

  • SaaS SCM system that streamlines processes and reduces costs
  • Prevents inaccurate demand forecasts and overpayments
  • All procurement costs are kept up-to-date
  • Determines the optimal routes and modes of transportation for shipments
  • Maximizes warehouse space
  • Compatible with barcode scanners and RFID to accurately track inventory stocks and locations
  • Provides complete visibility across the supply chain
  • Accurately forecasts demand by analyzing buying patterns and inventory performance
  • Keeps inventory levels low

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