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WinWeb Cloud CRM App

WinWeb Cloud CRM App helps users keep track of all customers, projects, and leads so that users can maximize each opportunity. The program can work with data on their customers and suppliers so that users share it throughout their company, make it all easily searchable by text, and improve response times.

WinWeb Accounting App

WinWeb Accounting App is a full accounting solution that can handle a variety of your financial tasks. The program requires no accounting knowledge to use and tracks all payments, cash flow and invoices.

WinWeb ERP

WinWeb ERP is enterprise resource planning software that allows businesses to track invoices, receive customer payments, deliver quotes, monitor cash flow and track pending invoices and corresponding due dates. The platform allows users to integrate multi-channel retail outlets, manage all company IT needs and create production and delivery schedules.

WinWeb Helpdesk App

WinWeb Helpdesk App can manage all of the user’s service agents and pull up key customer data whenever users have customer service interactions with their clients. To help with problem resolution, the program identifies recurring issues, can pull up information via search engine, and prioritizes cases.

WinWeb Projects App

WinWeb Projects App is a collaboration software solution that helps users maintain all of their project data and boost the productivity of all the user’s workers. From the program dashboard, users can identify recurring problems, track how much time is being spent on each task, manage training, and prioritize to-do actions.