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Xactly Insights

Xactly Insights is a sales compensation planning platform that is designed to motivate employees using incentives. The software allows users to design intelligent compensation plans using empirical data and intuitive technology.

Xactly Objectives

Xactly Objectives is a task management software solution designed to keep workforces more engaged and aligned. At the start of each user-defined time period, managers can outline goals and values. As time progresses, users can see how much progress they are making through all assigned tasks and work together in accomplishing goals.

Xactly Incent

Xactly Incent is a gamification software solution that uses incentives to motive sales reps. At the start, users can implement leaderboards, profiles, badges, levels and challenges across sales teams. Then, reps can then go through sales-related tasks to earn points and increase their leaderboard rankings.

– Xactly Platform

Xactly Platform is a comprehensive gamification software solution designed to boost sales operations by encouraging reps to be more productive. As sales reps interact with leads and contacts, users can set sales goals, assign points to sales-related challenges, install leaderboards and track reps’ progress through tasks.