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Cloud CRM White Papers and Demos

The Hidden Dangers of an RFP
White Paper provided by Unknown

The investment of money, time and change in processes that come with a software implementation has a profound impact on any company, making it imperative that the right product and service provider are identified during the selection process.

C2CRM Quick View
White Paper provided by C2CRM

Learn more about the features found in C2CRM by downloading a free copy of the C2CRM Quick View.

The Sales Benchmarking Primer
White Paper provided by NetSuite

Right now and for the foreseeable future, corporations are and will continue to be deeply concerned about the overall economy and their profits. Throw on top of that possible changes to corporate tax liability and the picture gets murkier. With this uncertain environment, business leaders require greater accountability and transparency of their marketing and sales teams.

Secrets to Selling C2CRM Successfully
White Paper provided by C2CRM

Before you can be successful at selling C2 CRM, it is important to understand what CRM truly offers. From identifying business opportunities and creating a proposal to delivering a solution and ensuring customer satisfaction, CRM provides tools to make it all happen efficiently.

True 360 Degree Visibility: The Silver Bullet for SFA
White Paper provided by NetSuite

For years, the mantra for SFA and CRM Systems has been to achieve a 360° view of the customer. The sad truth, however, is that traditional standalone Sales Force Automation solutions are not able to deliver this complete view for the sales force and leave major "blind spots" on key customer activity with the company.

Yankee Group: Tying Order Management Is Critical to CRM
White Paper provided by NetSuite

With Advanced Sales Forecasting software from NetSuite, you now have the ability to run accurate, up-to-the-second sales forecasts to address your most pressing business questions. As a result, you can manage your data, and your business with greater accuracy, speed, and confidence.