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Cloud CRM White Papers and Demos

How to Avoid Delivering Bad Customer Service
White Paper provided by Unknown

Delivering high quality customer service plays a pivotal role in your company’s front-office activities. Get our FREE Customer Service guide and learn how you can deliver better service to your customers.

How to NOT Follow up and Destroy Your Business
White Paper provided by Infusionsoft

Until recently there has been no solution to help manage the complex tasks involved with multi-step, multi-media follow up. People have been forced to come up with "creative" ways to get the follow up done... and believe me, I've seen some amazing creativity.

Local Governments Strengthen Service, Achieve New Operating Efficiencies with CRM
White Paper provided by Unknown

Emulating the model of the private sector, local governments are stretching to improve the quality and convenience of services provided to their citizenry and other constituents. The standard for service has been changing rapidly, with a dramatic raise of the bar of expectations for the availability and responsiveness of service resources. Customers in the for-profit world have come to expect seamless and convenient self-service options as well as integrated and accurate information from their service providers.

TCO of On-Demand Applications Is Significantly Better for SMBs and Mid-Market Enterprises
White Paper provided by NetSuite

See why the Yankee Group says that the TCO for on-demand solutions is much better than that of traditional on-premises solutions - even when evaluated over a 3 to 5 year period. On-premises solutions require significant investments in IT infrastructure and application deployment, support and update resources.

Managing the Multi-Company Corporation
White Paper provided by NetSuite

This white paper reviews the issues and the solutions for the multi-organizational enterprise to manage both its sales and financial components, including requirements for addressing differing currencies, taxation rules and local and consolidated reporting.

The Benefits of a Business Management Software Suite for Small and Midsize Businesses
White Paper provided by NetSuite

Overcoming the barriers of stand-alone business applications is a major challenge to growth for companies worldwide. Learn how an expanding organization can better gain control of its business operations and increase productivity through integrating its core business management processes.

The Business Benefits of Software-as-a-Service: Making the Most of the On-Demand Advantage
White Paper provided by NetSuite

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a growing phenomenon in worldwide business today. From the original ideas of outsourcing the data center and having third parties manage the software (the ASP movement of the turn of the century) to true SaaS today, the tsunami of outsourced IT and new methods of accessing business software solutions has created a multi-billion dollar market.

Nine Questions to Ask about SaaS
White Paper provided by Acumatica

SaaS does not spare customers the need to ask vendors the same questions about service levels, costs, and other issues that they would ask themselves if they were planning on-premise implementations. Of the nine questions customers should ask about SaaS, seven also apply to on-premise deployment. However, the issues of changing needs prompt two more questions unique to SaaS.

On-Demand Mid-Market CRM: Front-to-Back Office Integration a Clear Differentiator
White Paper provided by NetSuite

This AberdeenGroup Executive White Paper focuses on the business value of front-to-back office integration for small and mid-market companies as well as the role of Software-as-a-Service in enhancing that value. AberdeenGroup field research conducted for this paper concludes that small and mid-market companies will soon find they have outgrown their sales-focused CRM applications and will require more robust solutions to fully integrate pre-sales information with customer data contained in their transactional systems.

Curing Customer Service Pain with CRM
White Paper provided by C2CRM

Learn how companies can use CRM to improve their customer service processes.