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How Community Managers Can Use Gamification to Create Sustainable Engagement
White Paper provided by DotNetNuke

The success factor for any community is engagement. The more time users spend interacting with your site and other community members the deeper the relationship they build with your brand. Gamification is a key element in ensuring user engagement. It allows you to optimize your community and get you closer to your customer.

Designing for Mobile Websites Using Responsive Design
White Paper provided by DotNetNuke

Over the last few years, the web design community has seen a monumental shift in how we think about and create websites, due to the rapid rise of mobile browser use. From initially just making sure a site “worked” on mobile, we are now expected to make sure sites are “optimized” for mobile: providing a great user experience no matter the device viewing a site. There are several ways to accomplish this, and one of the most talked about techniques is Responsive Web Design (RWD).

Realizing Your Corporate Site Potential through Communities
White Paper provided by DotNetNuke

The Internet is going social. Companies and organizations that continue to rely on one-dimensional static websites are missing out on opportunities to more deeply connect with their customers. If your business isn’t actively focusing on social communities, you are limiting your opportunities for connections, engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

DotNetNuke Social: One integrated solution for managing website and social success
White Paper provided by DotNetNuke

Every day Internet users share 4 billion items on Facebook, 200 million items on Twitter and 1 billion items on Google+. Social has become a fundamental aspect of Internet life with over 90% of online adults using the social web daily. It has altered the decision path for customers – the way they think, act and buy. If your business isn’t actively focusing on social communities you are missing opportunities for connections, engagement, loyalty, and revenue. Social lets you shift your customer conversations from monologue to dialogue.

The Business of Social: Ten Things You Need to Know to Build a Social Business
White Paper provided by DotNetNuke

Seemingly overnight, social has become one of the primary pillars of marketing. Every organization from large global banks to local businesses are involved with opinion sites, Facebook fan pages, tweeting and building online communities of their own.

Be a CMS Hero: Easy, Cost-Effective Content Management For Today's Dynamic Websites
White Paper provided by DotNetNuke

Today's IT manager has more than enough pressures and responsibilities to fill the daily calendar. Information technology is the backbone of virtually any operation, and supporting it involves a long to-do list, from ensuring easy data access and controlling costs, to responding to network outages and establishing long-term strategies for using emerging technologies.

Going Mobile: Six Considerations Before You Start
White Paper provided by DotNetNuke

When it comes to serving mobile users, most websites fail to deliver easy-to-navigate, streamlined information access to the ever-growing number of customers who are browsing and buying with smartphones and tablets—not laptops or desktops.

Web CMS - An Evaluation Guide
White Paper provided by DotNetNuke

Choosing a CMS for your organization is a big decision because of the potential effects on time, money, and improvements to essential business processes. So it’s critical to look for and understand the essential features that will address business needs now—and grow with the organization in the future.

The Top Trends in Web Content Management
White Paper provided by DotNetNuke

At the dawn of every year the lists predicting what the New Year will offer hit the media. 2013 is no exception, and as these lists of coming trends roll out, one industry is usually a key part of publishing that content. It’s time to look at the trends in content management systems (CMS).