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NetSuite White Papers and Demos

Forrester: The ROI of Software-as-a-Service
White Paper provided by NetSuite

Firms almost always consider software-as-a-service (SaaS) as a cost-advantage over on-premise in the short run due to its quick implementation times and pay-as-you-go pricing. But many firms question the long-term value of SaaS, wondering if the rent-versus-own model necessarily has a cost crossover point and if so, when?

A Buyer's Guide to Customer Relationship Management Solutions
White Paper provided by NetSuite

Buyers' Guide in to CRM solutions provides an overview of the trends, value and evaluation criteria one should consider when making a CRM purchase decision

NetSuite CRM+ Demo
Demo provided by NetSuite

NetSuite CRM+ includes all the foundations of CRM - Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, and Customer Support Service - while also providing your reps with a real-time view of all customer transaction, service issues, inventory, order status, and commissions. This demo allows you to view how NetSuite CRM+ can support a variety of roles in your organization.

Global CRM: Managing the Multinational Sales Force
White Paper provided by NetSuite

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) just isn’t what it used to be. Conceived as automated tools to help sales personnel maintain records of contacts, sales-related activities, and individual and team's progress toward goals and quotas, today's scope has become much more far reaching.

How to Outsell the Competition: The Benchmarking Edge for Successful Sales Execution
White Paper provided by NetSuite

Sales benchmarking represents a source of sustained competitive advantage for corporations today. The second largest cost item on a company's financial statement is SG&A expense which typically represents 30%-40% of revenue.

CRM Best Practices for Adoption
White Paper provided by NetSuite

When adopting a new CRM solution into your company, it's important to follow these CRM best practices.

TCO of On-Demand Applications Is Significantly Better for SMBs and Mid-Market Enterprises
White Paper provided by NetSuite

See why the Yankee Group says that the TCO for on-demand solutions is much better than that of traditional on-premises solutions - even when evaluated over a 3 to 5 year period. On-premises solutions require significant investments in IT infrastructure and application deployment, support and update resources.

Managing the Multi-Company Corporation
White Paper provided by NetSuite

This white paper reviews the issues and the solutions for the multi-organizational enterprise to manage both its sales and financial components, including requirements for addressing differing currencies, taxation rules and local and consolidated reporting.

The Benefits of a Business Management Software Suite for Small and Midsize Businesses
White Paper provided by NetSuite

Overcoming the barriers of stand-alone business applications is a major challenge to growth for companies worldwide. Learn how an expanding organization can better gain control of its business operations and increase productivity through integrating its core business management processes.

Maximizing Performance and Profitability in Billable Services Organizations
White Paper provided by NetSuite

This NetSuite White Paper explores the business processes underpinning companies that derive their revenue from the provision of services - whether they are standalone service-providing businesses or parts of a larger organization. Key business processes discussed include accelerating sales, tracking projects, improving lead-to-cash and managing professional services accounting.