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Columbus A/S ColumbusFood

ColumbusFood is an industry-specific ERP solution for food and beverage manufacturers that helps users streamline processes in order to optimize their business in a professional and pragmatic way, and connects all aspects of their operations from supply chain through warehouse and inventory management to store management. The platform offers modules for automatic data collection through barcode label scanning, invoice customers and manage inventory through catch weight functionality, and control pricing, rebates and promos.

Zestl Zvolv

Zvolv is application development software that enables users to build integrated collaboration apps through No Code Workflows, AI Analytics and Cognitive Automation. The platform helps users to ideate, implement, execute and scale apps, facilitates real-time collaboration and visibility, and is built with a Contextual Knowledge Hub that provides access to the pertinent information based on tasks and roles.


Hybrid.Chat is a human + chatbot hybrid platform that proactively engages with customers 24/7 directly from the user’s SLACK, MATTERMOST or any other messaging platform so that the user’s company is ‘always available’ and customer friendly. The platform allows human agents to take over chat conversations anytime using the messenger, build engaging chat bots using simple spreadsheets to automate conversations, and build human-like chat bots that are always manning the chat and never lose a lead.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Applications Rainbow

Rainbow is a Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) and Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS), a hybrid cloud solution for enterprise communications which aims to connect people and systems optimally. The platform digitizes and secures all business communications, enables users to instantly connect with their business network regardless of location or device, and is built to connect with pre-existing phone system in order to become an integrated part of the user’s business desk phone.

Epixel MLM Software

Epixel MLM Software is a web-based package that enables organizations and marketing enterprises to manage, control and organizes their business without any complexities. The package extends its capabilities from business management to marketing segment by simply maintaining the core profile and provides the potential ability for the user’s business.

Attain Insight Security 4X

Attain Insight Security 4X is a centralized security administration and compliance reporting solution, purpose-­built to handle complex enterprise security requirements across the full suite of IBM Business Analytics products including IBM Cognos Analytics, Business Intelligence, TM1, Framework Manager, Transformer, Cognos Planning and Finance Performance Management, as well as other critical operating systems such as Microsoft Active Directory.

SBI Platform

The SBI Platform is fully integrated business process management, inventory and retail management software that provides companies with a customized solution that is user-friendly, Excel-like and easily adaptable. The platform is designed to solve real supplier and merchandiser problems no matter how specialized the issue, works on any device such as phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, and enables users to self-manage their company, users and apps.

Vyapin Software Dockit Migrator

Dockit Migrator is a SharePoint migration tool supporting migration to SharePoint Online in Office 365, SharePoint 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 / 2001 and OneDrive for Business. The platform is built to handle a variety of both simple and complex migration scenarios, enables users to import and move documents and files with metadata and NTFS permissions from file shares to SharePoint libraries, and allows users to associate document metadata with external MS-Excel or CSV files.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Symantec Data Loss Prevention is cloud security software the leverages comprehensive detection technology and unified policies in order to ensure that sensitive data remains secure. The platform is configured to identify sensitive data, uses a variety of advanced data detection techniques in order to identify data in multiple forms, and tracks data use and location.

Hridayam Soft Solutions ShareDocs Enterpriser

ShareDocs Enterpriser is a secure document management solution that promises high-level document security and ease of document retrieval. The platform is built upon cutting-edge open source technology, and the DMS comes with a host of features and functionalities including micro as well as macro-level user access restrictions, bulk upload, automated indexing of documents, auto-linking of documents to one record (virtual document sets).