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Accellos One Warehouse Review

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Product is a Saas solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Accellos One Warehouse is designed for small and mediums sized businesses in distribution, manufacturing, retail, third-party logistics and transportation.

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Christian Art Gifts, Acme International, ASKO, Curriculum Associates, Canderm Pharma

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About Accellos One Warehouse

Accellos One Warehouse Accellos One Warehouse is warehouse management software boasting a team that has over 60 years of experience in the supply chain market. Accellos solutions can integrate to many leading ERP systems including the complete Microsoft Dynamics suite, SAP Business One, Sage AccPac, Sage MAS 500/200/90 and more.

Accellos One Warehouse is a powerful and scalable warehouse management system that combines RFID and barcode technology to boost productivity and reduce costs. The Accellos One Warehouse system leverages a Web Dispatch and portable handheld platform to give organizations the ability to track every movement of stock to and from the warehouse, and even provides users with real-time alerts to any issues that demand immediate attention. The Accellos warehouse software is ideal for mid sized businesses that have outgrown smaller warehousing solutions, but that do not require all of the functionality offered by enterprise solutions.

About the Company

Founded in 2006, Accellos has become a worldwide provider of supply chain solutions. Boasting a team that has over 60 years of experience in the supply chain market, Accellos seeks to become the top choice among supply chain solutions. Accellos solutions leverage integrations to many leading ERP systems including the complete Microsoft Dynamics suite, SAP Business One, Sage AccPac, Sage MAS 500/200/90, and more.


Accellos One Warehouse Key Features

Wireless Picking

  • RF picking
  • Picking Stations
  • Split Pack Sizes
  • Batch-pick and Repack
  • Shipment Labels
  • Warehouse Packing Slips

Wireless Receiving

  • Paperless Check-in
  • Product and Carton Labeling
  • Non-PO Receiving
  • Stock Locator

Web Dispatch

  • Monitors daily warehouse activities in real time
  • Generates historical reports
  • Displays sales and work orders

Order Management

  • Plan warehouse activities
  • Allocate stock to specific customers
  • Manage fill rate and backorders


  • Define up to 26 zones
  • Zone picking
  • Pick and pass picking
  • Multi-zone simultaneous and sequential picking
  • Replenishment by zone

License Plates

  • Pre-pack assortments in license plates
  • Allocate and pick via license plate

Additional Features

  • EOL Workflow, UPS Domestic & DHL Domestic
  • Lots/Serial/Expiry
  • Advanced Replenishment
  • Kitting
  • Container Receiving
  • Carton Splitting
  • Putaway/Slotting
  • Multi-Location/Site Transfer
  • RMAs
  • Packaging
  • Carousels/Conveyors
  • Multi-company/3PL
  • Multi-Carrier Shipping Toolkit
  • Web Order Entry
  • RFID toolkit


Accellos One Warehouse Videos


  • Integrates with most mid-market ERP systems including Microsoft Dynamics: SL, GP, AX, Nav; Sage: Accpac, Sage Pro, MAS 90/200/500; SAP Business One
  • Improves inventory accuracy with customer labeling
  • Integration with existing warehouse equipment ensures higher productivity
  • Some users have reported minor errors in picking

Accellos One Warehouse is a robust warehouse management solution that is designed for the often forgotten mid market. The greatest advantage of the Accellos One Warehouse system is it’s ability to easily scale and to integrate with a number of systems. Accellos makes it easy to integrate its Accellos One Warehouse solution to a number of ERP systems, Zebra and Intermec barcode printers, and even other warehouse equipment such as conveyor belts, carousels, scales and cubing machines. The handheld piece is one of the spiffiest features of the Accellos One Warehouse solution, and enables warehouses to dramatically cut time and reduce handwritten errors. The handheld piece allows you to record what you’re picking, the quantity and location, all in real time. For mid-market distributors, Accellos One Warehouse provides them with all of the tools they need to plan and manage their warehouse operations.


White Papers and Demos

Newport-St. Paul Cold Storage
Case Study provided by Accellos
Learn how Newport-St. Paul Cold Storage improved operational efficiency by implementing Accellos One 3PL.
Finding Hidden Warehouse Profits
White Paper provided by Accellos
Pulse has enabled Hall’s to institute changes that likely would not have been possible without the ability to monitor the real-time activities in the warehouse, Jayne says.


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