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– Actian Cloud Action Platform Review

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Actian Cloud Action Platform is available as a SaaS solution and does not require additional hardware.

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Actian works with companies of all sizes.

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Actian Cloud Action Platform

- Actian Cloud Action Platform Actian Cloud Action Platform is a web-based development system designed for app makers. Users can create, manage, and distribute all their apps, and the program’s Vectorwise engine provides quick app analyses and information. The system even supports rapid app development so you can quickly get apps to all your users. Actian Cloud Action Platform comes with simple, interactive tools that aid you with decision making and actual coding.

About Actian
Actian was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in California. Over 10,000 customers across the globe use the company’s products. Actian has additional offices in New York, Europe, and Australia.

Actian Cloud Action Platform Features

  • Cloud platform where you can develop action apps
  • Supports rapid iterations of simple apps
  • Distributes and manages all your created apps
  • Can share apps across Cloud publically or for your company
  • Simple programming and design tools
  • All apps can work across multiple mobile device types

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