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– Ai2 Pigeonholes Review

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Ai2 Pigeonholes is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Ai2 works with mobile sales force and retail users from companies of all sizes.

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About Ai2 Pigeonholes

- Ai2 PigeonholesAi2 Pigeonholes is a document management system that syncs files of any kind to field iPads without cloud storage fees. To use Pigeoholes, users only need to place a file or folder in the app. The system automatically updates so that other users in your group will receive the updated version. Pigeonholes supports most file types. Administrators have the power to set user-defined permissions controls and can customize the app to meet unique company needs.

About Ai2
Ai2 has been developing software since 1986. The company is located in Chicago, IL and services over 75,000 users.

Ai2 Pigeonholes Key Features

  • Document management system for the iPad
  • Syncs files across iPads with a few simple motions
  • Works with any file format
  • The administrator can set file permissions (sharing, viewing, editing, etc) by the individual
  • Fully customizable

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