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– Astea Alliance Marketing Review

Product Snapshot


Astea Alliance Marketing is delivered on-demand.

Customer Focus

Astea International is focused on the needs of large businesses and multinational enterprises.

Select Customers

ARX, Inspired, Kyocera, Johnson Controls, Konica Minolta

About Astea Alliance Marketing

- Astea Alliance Marketing Astea Alliance Marketing empowers companies to transform prospects into customers by creating multi-channel marketing campaigns. Alliance Marketing integrates with other Astea Alliance applications to provide companies with a way to assess the synergies each channel delivers to an overall campaign, and to adjust campaigns to produce the best results. Alliance Marketing is a product of Astea International.

About Astea
Astea International offers a variety of service management solutions to help streamline a range of business processes, from management of equipment and assets to human capital. Founded in 1979, Astea has corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania, with additional office locations in Australia, UK, Japan, Israel and the Netherlands.

Astea Alliance Marketing Key Features

  • Unified support
  • List management
  • Import Excel and flat files
  • Deduplication capabilities
  • Multiple pricing structures
  • Discount tolerances
  • Graphic script management
  • Telemarketing support

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