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Asbru Web Content Management Review

Product Snapshot


Paid on-premise pricing starts at £100.


Asbru Web Content Management is available as a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware or as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

Asbru works with companies of all sizes.

Asbru Web Content Management

Asbru Web Content Management Asbru Web Content Management is available in a variety of options and can be scaled to your liking. The core product lets you create webpages from templates, edit pages with a WYSIWYG tool, drag and drop content into sections and launch an ecommerce system. Additionally, add-ons for message boards, media databases and website analytics are available. As you pay for more expensive versions of Asbru Web Content Management, you gain access to back-end system integration and more support for administrators.

About Asbru
Asbru was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in London.

Asbru Web Content Management Key Features

  • Web-based or on-premise web CMS
  • Available in a number of editions for different-sized companies
  • Stores all documents, tasks, etc in a file hierarchy structure
  • Page creation is facilitated through templates, themes, and a WYSIWYG editor
  • Spell checking in over 44 languages
  • Can edit HTML code
  • Stores media in a library
  • Add-on modules include support for analytics, ecommerce, and community forums
  • More expensive packages bring you more administration accounts and back-end system integration

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