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Birst Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Pricing is on a platform and per-user fee, or by end-customer (for embedded scenarios).


Product is available a SaaS solution. Cloud and on-premise deployments available.

Customer Focus

Vendor has solutions for all industries, most use cases, and size of companies.

Select Customers

Citrix, Reckitt Benckiser (RB), American Express Global Business Travel, Principal Financial, Sunny Delight Beverage Co.

Customer Success Stories

Visit Birst for customer success stories.


About Birst

Birst Birst Networked approach to BI and Analytics enables a single view of data, eliminating data silos. Decentralized teams and individual users can augment the corporate data model with their own local data, without compromising data governance. Consistency comes from a unified semantic layer, which maintains common definitions and key metrics, no matter where users sit.

Birst achieves Networked BI through a unique 2-tier architecture that aligns back-end enterprise data with line-of-business or local, data. Birst’s patented Automated Data Refinement extracts data from any source (data stores, applications, warehouses, big data, and unstructured external sources) into a unified semantic layer.

The result is a consistent enterprise view that enables users with self-service analytics through world-class dashboards, drill-down reporting, visual discovery, mobile tools, and predictive analytics.

Birst Open Client Interface also offers integration with Tableau, Excel and R.

About the Company

Birst was founded 2004, is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and currently employs 260 employees.


Birst Key Features

  • Patented machine learning technology: Birst intelligently discovers business-critical relationships in the data and automatically build visualizations and dashboards, and utilizes advanced algorithms to take raw data and instantly structure it in an organized and consistent set of business metrics and attributes
  • Networked analytics: Birst’s pioneering networked approach empowers users with the freedom to explore, experiment and work independently in “virtual sandboxes”, while leveraging and extending the insights of others, enriching the network in the process
  • Modern cloud architecture: Built on top of a modern cloud architecture, Birst delivers all the benefits of a true Software-as-a-Service solution and is suitable for every kind of deployment: public cloud, private cloud, on-premises, or hybrid. There is no need to move all data to the cloud
  • Agile semantic layer: In contrast to desktop discovery tools that promote data anarchy, Birst’s semantic layer contains a single and reusable definition of every object – business attributes and measures – and can be federated across the network of analytics while still maintaining its singularity and reusability
  • Seamless user experience: Birst blurs the lines between the different modules, enabling users to work with data as they move from data prep to discovery to dashboards to reports, creating, collaborating, and publishing within one experience

Standard Reporting Features

  • Pixel Perfect reports
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Report Formatting Templates

Ad-hoc Reporting Features

  • Drill-down analysis
  • Formatting capabilities
  • Predictive modeling
  • Integration with R or other statistical packages
  • Report sharing and collaboration

Report Output and Scheduling Features

  • Publish to Web, PDF, Output raw supporting data, report delivery scheduling

Data Discovery and Visualization Features

  • Pre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.)
  • Location Analytics / Geographic Visualization
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Support for Machine Learning models
  • Integration with R or other statistical packages

Mobile Capabilities Features

  • Responsive Design for Web Access
  • Dedicated iOS & Android Application
  • Dashboard / Report / Visualization Interactivity on Mobile

Access Control and Security Features

  • Multi-User Support (named login)
  • Role-Based Security Model
  • Multiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete)
  • Report-Level Access Control
  • Table-Level Access Control (BI-layer)
  • Field-Level Access Control (BI-layer)


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